Kameleonz Lava Triple Set Sunglasses - Uni

Want to be ridiculously good-looking?! Easy. Just throw on Blue Steel! Comes with a strong, durable polycarbonate frame that is equipped with UV400 revo lenses, and complete with 3 pairs of detachable side arms that'll match any outfit or mood you're in! Plus, it comes with a custom microfiber pouch that'll hold your extra arms, while protecting your shades from dirt and dust.

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Master Dis Sunglasses Retro Funk Havanna/green - Uni / hnedá

Sunglasses Retro Funk Materiál: 100% Polycarbonate - - GSM

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Urban Classics 106 Sunglasses UC grey leo/silver - One Size

Sporty sunglasses that supports your plans. The rectangular shaped glasses fit every eyes and noses. The tint was perfectly matched to the employed color as well as the pattern of the plastic frame. Medium-wide temples round off the style with a soothing touch. The glasses were equipped with an UV 400 filter of the category 3. Farba: grey leo/silver Zloženie: Oberstoff 1: 100% Polycarbonate, frame, Oberstoff 2: 100% Polycarbonate, lens,

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Master Dis Sunglasses Arthur blk/blue - One Size

The sunglasses „Arthur“ from MSTRDS convinces with a classic and hot design. According to your color choice, the sunglasses look simple or eyecatching. In any case, your outfit is upgraded pleasantly. Every pair of sunglasses come in a tough plastic case. Farba: blk/blue Zloženie: Shell Fabric 1: 100% Polycarbonat, UV400

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Urban Classics 108 Chain Sunglasses Visor black - One Size

These striking sunglasses are quite a unique piece of fashion! With their wide frame with visor at the brow and thick sides the glasses make no compromises. Additionally, youll find an old-school chain attached to them. Get ready to see and be seen on a whole new level! Farba: black Zloženie: Oberstoff 1: 100% Polycarbonate, UV400,

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Mister Tee Pride Sunglasses 2-Pack multicolor/lilac - One Size

Proud, self-confident and colorful: two pairs of large, angular sunglasses in a summery twin set. Above the comfortable nose pads the large lenses of the sunglasses are connected via shield fashion. The colored nose bridge runs in a straight manner above the eyebrows and connects harmoniously with the sides. One pair of the sunglasses offers the well-known rainbow colors in a chic design, the other pair employs a purple shade that matches its lenses. Farba: multicolor/lilac Zloženie: Oberstoff 1: 90% Polycarbonate 10% Kupfer, ,

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